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Rolex Air king Replica began its 50-year association with golf in 1967, when Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer joined forces. The Big Three, also known as the legends of golf, changed the game forever. Their partnership with Rolex Air king Replica, as the first golf Testimonees, marked the beginning of an enduring relationship based upon a pursuit of excellence, perfection and sportsmanship.

Rolex Air king Replica's support of golf helped it grow, go global, and capture the hearts and minds of everyone.

Martin Kaymer, winner of the 2014 U.S. Open and Rolex Air king Replica Testimonee, says: "First and foremost, we must thank Arnold Palmer for everything he has done.Rolex Air king Replica Secondly, it is a great thing that Rolex Air king Replica has been involved with our sport so long and will continue to be." "Rolex Air king Replica shares many of the same values as golf: quality, precision, passion and dedication."

Sarah Hirshland is a senior managing director for business affairs at the USGA and a member the executive team. She says, "Rolex Air king Replica was an integral part of golf and it's impressive that they have maintained this kind of commitment." "We have similar values and visions for the sport of golf. Rolex Air king Replica has helped us grow. People who are at the top of their game understand and appreciate how important Rolex Air king Replica is. Rolex Air king Replica values are aligned with theirs.

She continues, "We consider Rolex Air king Replica to be part of our family. They treat us like we are part of theirs." Rolex Air king Replica is an important part of all our events and championships. The brand supports the players and encourages young people to play the game. We all do this because we know that there are people on the course, at the U.S. Open now,Mido Replica Watches who will live their lives with golf. Rolex Air king Replica is a great supporter of golf, and they do this across the board. Rolex Air king Replica has been a major partner in our efforts to rewrite the rules, change the game and innovate it. Rolex Air king Replica's support is evident in the rulebook.

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